Last Minute Packing Tips Before Going On A Road Trip

No matter if it’s your first ever road trip or you’re a veteran traveler, it is always possible to forget important items when packing for a journey. Oftentimes travellers get bogged down with travel plans, routes, and schedules and end up paying less attention to packing. This is where you might slip up and end up forgetting some essentials. Fortunately, there are a number of tips you can follow in order to be assured you have everything you need. All road trippers are advised to follow these tips when loading up their RV rentals for their next trip.

Make Sure Your Gear Matches Your Planned Activities

This may seem like a simple one, but you would be surprised at how many road trippers show up at their intended skiing destination without a pair of skis. Fortunately, the tip for how to avoid this is incredibly simple. When planning your journey, keep a detailed list of all the outdoor activities you will be participating in along the way. On the day before your trip, once you have already packed, simply go through the list and put a check next to each outdoor activity once you’ve confirmed that you’ve packed the proper gear. This may seem like an unnecessary step and something that just adds to the headache of packing, but in reality this will save you from missing out on your planned activities due to missing gear.

Eliminate The Waste

This happens to most road trippers at some point. No matter how carefully you pack, at the end it feels as if your RV is overflowing, weighted down, and oftentimes just too jam packed for convenience. This is why you should keep a list of all the items you have packed, and mark down the ones that could be “lost” without damaging your plans. This way if you come to the end and don’t have enough room or feel as if you’ve overpacked you will know exactly what you can get rid of in order to make more room for essential items.

Check Accessibility

There are certain items in your vehicle that you will want easy access to, and others that can be buried a little deeper. For example, if you’ve packed some warm clothing for a winter journey you will definitely want these to be in a place that is immediately accessible. The same goes for devices and gear that you know you will need at arm’s length along the way. Mark down these items on your inventory, and while packing take into account their accessibility. As one of the last things you do before you take off, do a spot check to make sure that the items you’ve marked as must-have are within easy reach. This will go a long way toward making your journey more convenient and enjoyable.

Go For A Test Drive

Any RV rentals veteran will tell you that just because it looks as if your vehicle is well packed, this doesn’t mean that it actually is. There can be visibility or weight issues that won’t be apparent just looking. This is why it is of utmost importance that you take your fully-packed RV for a test drive before actually setting out on your journey. Make sure the vehicle handles well. Make sure that you can see the mirrors and the traffic behind you. Also make sure that everything you need when driving is in its most convenient place. These issues will end up being a major headache on the road, so having them taken care of before setting off should be one of your top priorities.

Make Sure Everything Works

There is no doubt you will be packing some items that you have not used for a long time. There is nothing worse than setting up camp in a remote region only to find out that your camping cooking device no longer works properly. It may seem like a pain while packing, but it will pay off down the line to check each item to make sure that it is performing as you want it to. This doesn’t have to be every item. Any items that you’ve used recently or just purchased should be safe. But anything that has been sitting in your garage for a long time should be tested out before it is packed into your RV. This is simple common sense, and though it will add more time to your packing tasks it is definitely recommended.

Packing for a road trip doesn’t have to be a chore. You can look at the procedure as part of the excitement, taking note of all the exciting activities and sights you will be experiencing along the way. As long as travellers follow these easy tips for making sure they have everything they need packed into their RV rentals, then this will go a logn way toward promoting effortless and enjoyable road trips.