Honeymoon Trends to watch out for in 2019

The digital era has transformed the world into a global village. You can now easily research on your dream honeymoon destination from the comfort of your home.

Whether you are looking for paradise white beaches or a unique honeymoon complete with adventurous activities, you can be sure that the year 2019 brings forth a wide variety of trends and options to beware of.

Prior to booking your flights and embarking on your honeymoon, below are various 2019 honeymoon trends you need to watch out for regardless of the duration of your honeymoon.

·        Eco-friendly Travel

One of the major threats to the environment has to be single plastics. These are quite popular with travelers and many countries have been advocating for the adoption of eco-friendly packages. In fact, many have already banned single-use plastics.

Plastic pollution is a huge problem especially noticeable from a brief glance at some of the most picturesque honeymoon beaches across the world and especially in Bali.

Eco-tourism is definitely going to be a big trend in 2019 and many couples are expected to opt for sustainable hotels capable of giving back to the local community and even participating in beach clean-up activities.

·        Adventure

While many couples view the honeymoon as an opportunity to relax along the beaches with their favorite cocktails at hand, it can become monotonous and boring especially if you have a long honeymoon.

Many couples are becoming more interested in adventurous activities such as climbing the highest mountain on your honeymoon destination. This not only leaves you with a feeling of achievement but it also gives you loads of unforgettable memories.

The activities you choose do not have to be physically draining though; it can include learning new skills such as cookery, or even playing the piano.

·        Self-Drive Expeditions

More couples today derive fun in going for self-drive road expeditions during their honeymoon. This gives them ultimate freedom to do what they please and even go where they want. If you are a free-spirited person then you understand how fun and exciting this can be.

Your budget determines your means of transport. You could choose to go lavish or pick a budget car. Having your own car comes with numerous advantages and enables you to visit more places with ease.

Many locals are friendly to visitors. You could easily get directions to the best restaurants, beaches, and secret spots available in their locality that are inaccessible through public transport.

·        The Micro-Moon

Previously, the mega-moon has been quite popular with many couples in the past. Here, couples took leave from work and traveled across the world for months. In 2019 however, the micro-moon will become more popular.

This will see couples taking many long weekend getaways throughout the year. Getting shorter periods off work is easier than going on leave for a prolonged period.

·         Alien Accommodation

Think about finding out of the ordinary accommodation. You can choose underwater accommodation or go for hanging off a cliff or even suspended options. Many Bali honeymoon resorts will give you some unique options to choose from.

This trend is expected to become more popular in the year 2019. Many couples will be looking at outdoing each other with exclusive wedding stories, especially on social media.


Today, couples prefer honeymoons that offer more than just spending time along the beach. Many honeymoon destinations are therefore going out of their way to offer more adventurous and physical activities as well as opportunities to relax especially after an intense wedding planning session.