Bali’s Intriguing Quiet Corners

Bali has become synonymous with luxury and tranquility. If anyone tells you that they want a quiet vacation where they can experience a luxurious yet peaceful time, the first image the pops into your mind is a hammock strung up between two tropical trees and a sunny snooze. You will tell your friend to pack some shirts and shorts and fly off to Bali.

While there are places that have been given over to bustle and noise for purposes of commerce, the more luxurious spots and other places away from the bustling business areas are all silence and bird songs. You just need to find them.

Therefore, once you have been checked in at your best luxury hotel in Bali, it is time to do some exploring. This is the joy of living in a luxury hotel. You have access to the best of everything and some security as well.

Capella Ubud in Keliki Valley

Bali earned this moniker most likely because of its ethereal beauty and spiritual ambience. If you want to find some quiet away from the throngs of tourists in your favourite haunts, you only need to look farther afield.

If you take the initiative and decide to explore the country, you will find yourself in the thick of nature between frangipani trees and bamboo groves listening to frog choirs and watching butterflies. This is only a 30-minute drive north of Ubud, in the Keliki Valley. There are signs of humanity still as you will hear chants from a temple that is not too far away. This is also an indication that there is a village nearby.

This makes staying in a luxury hotel such as The Four Seasons Resort in Ubud convenient as it gives you access to the Keliki valley for your dose of magical peace and quiet. Furthermore, there is the Capella Ubud, a camp that was built without felling one single tree and filled with beautifully intricate wood carvings and fabrics painted by hand. Many members of the staff come from the surrounding villages.

Some activities you will be able to enjoy here include:

  • Yoga
  • Walking in nature
  • The services of an in-house healer
  • Indulging in the local cuisine

Komodo National Park

Komodo is located south of the Wallace Line that separates Australasia from Asia. To access it, you sail on a grand Phinisi yacht across the wee Labuan Bajo to an island called Rinca and the view opens up to a myriad of blues and with golden stripes from long-grassed lands. This land is devoid of moisture so you know you are some distance away from the tropics.

Komodo is where you get to make acquaintance with the Komodo dragon; the world’s largest dragon. It is reported to have been on earth for at least 40 million years and is not a monster you want to get too close to. What with those jaws of steel and extremely venomous bites? Besides, it is a sprinter. Running away may not help you one iota.

This is not what you would describe as a favorite tourist destination, maybe for obvious reasons. Therefore you can venture out here and get to stroll along the island’s interior without seeing a fellow traveler or even locals. The ones who live here are sequestered in protected zones. You might even, if you are brave enough, get as close as you dare to the dragon and experience the adrenalin charge that only pure unbridled terror can inspire.

Makassar Reef

Believe it or not, some people will venture far away from luxury resorts to find a nice spot to do their reading. Makassar Reef is one such place. After you have had your fill of the reef fish and sharks swimming along the seabed, you can get out that tome you have been planning to read for ages and get started. In fact, you might read the entire book undisturbed.

It is worth the effort to live your luxury hotel once in a while and seek out spots that are not thronged by fellow travelers to experience Bali and Indonesia in a special way.